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Playing casino games online is one of the most healthiest way to spend time on Earth. But this also required an amount of time to study offers, analyze and use only what is suitable for your gambling sessions in 2015. At BettingSportsLive.co we took time to analyze and present only what we think is supposed to be the best offers when speaking of casino games. Bitcoin passionate should visit our Bitcoin subdomain for details about the best sites that accept cryptocurrency gambling.

Playing Blackjack with BetFred

Many players call it blackjack; while others are calling the game twenty one. It doesn’t matter how you call it as long as you understand all the rules of the game. The game is played using 1, 2, 4, 6 or even eight card decks. BetFred is among the top casinos that have earned a positive reputation for offering the best platform for playing Blackjack. At Bet Fred, continuous machines are used to shuffle the cards. This minimizes the chances of biasness and occurrence of errors. To play on Bet Fred, you can choose to play either a single deck card or a double deck card. There are also multi deck games. Ensure you understand the different types of blackjack games.

Betfred casinoYou also need to understand how hand held and shoe blackjack games are played. Hand held games are usually played with the cards faced down and then a player is permitted to pick his cards. On the other hand in a shoe held game, the cards are dealt facing up and the player is never allowed to touch his cards.

The objective of playing Blackjack

You can never play a Blackjack game if you do not know the objective of the game. Good news is that Bet Fred offers a guide on how one can easily understand the rules as well as the objective of the game. In Blackjack, the main objective is to beat the dealer. You are declared a winner when your cards are below 21 but higher than those of the dealer. The term Bust is used to refer to loss. For instance, if your card is over 21, then it is a Bust and so you lose. It does not matter whether the dealer busts or not. If the player bust, then he or she automatically loses.

The Blackjack table

Bet Fred has a special table specifically meant for playing Blackjack. This table is referred to as Blackjack table. The table is designed in a semicircular shape with a separate circle for every player. Before you sit down on this table, you are required to buy chips from the dealer or you can also bring the chips from another table. There is a betting circle in front of the player where he or she places a bet. Only the chips that you place in your betting circle will be counted as your bet. The game begins when all bets have been met.

Bet Fred is a number one choice for most Blackjack gamers because it allows double downs after pairs are split. This is an interesting advantage for players because the chances of the house to win are reduced by almost 13 percent.  And so many players prefer to play games that allow doubling after splits. Bet Fred also allows re-splitting of aces. Most casinos offer only one more card on an ace. Bet Fred allows the re-splitting of the resulting pair.

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Playing poker at Paddy Power


Paddy Power is a leading Bookmaker in the history of the gambling industry. Poker game involves individual play as well as betting. The player with the right combinations of card is declared the winner. Sometime cards may be hidden until the game is over. There are different types of poker games since they vary in terms of number of shared cards, cards deal with and number of cats that remain. Same applies to betting procedures. They vary often depending on the type of poker game being played. Most users prefer playing poker on Paddy Power because of the outstanding services and odds that Paddy Power offers them. As a reliable service provider, Paddy Power is regulated by the Gambling commission.

Paddy Power Poker

How to play online poker on paddy power

Paddy Power is one of the few best sites that offer the best online poker. Their site is easy to access and play. You only need to sign up and login in to your account. As Paddy Power aims at attracting more users, they offer amazing sign up bonuses to all new users. For instance after signing up, users receive 5 dollar poker bonus and a 5 dollar casino bonus. Before you begin playing poker, ensure you claim this bonus first. Did you know that you can receive 100 percent bonus on your first deposit with Paddy Power? While playing poker at Paddy power, you will also enjoy a 5 dollar increment bonus for every 334 points. Ensure you accumulate these points within 90 days.

Strategy of playing poker

Before you start playing, ensure you understand all the terms of playing poker at Paddy Power. To improve your game, you can research for advice on how to play poker on the Internet. Paddy Power also offers strategy archive article which users can read to improve their skills. Paddy Power offers a wide range of poker types. Ensure you play a poker game which you are well versed with. Paddy Power also offers free training to all users. You may need to join the academy to get some more tutorials about poker. It is also advisable to play a number of poker tournaments so as to increase your chances of winning.

To play poker, you can download the Paddy Power Poker app from their site. It is easy to download the app since it involves just a few simple procedures. In case you experience any difficulties while playing, feel free to contact the Paddy Power customer care. The poker tables at Paddy Power are open 24 hours around the clock. You can choose to play at any hour.

Paddy Power also has a latest poker version referred to as flash poker. The advantage of this version is that you do not have to download it to play poker. It allows users to securely connect to the Paddy Power poker room without having to download it.

Playing Roulette with Bet365

Roulette is a gambling game of chance whereby a ball, small in size moved rapidly on a divided circle with red and black. In this game, one can choose to place a bet on a number or a diverse range of numbers, colors or when the odd is even. A European Roulette has 37 spaces while an American one has 38. Bet365 is among the world leading bookmakers. It has huge bonuses, fair odds and great limits. It is ranked 7th in a list of top private companies. If you want to play Roulette, then bet365 is your most reliable partner. Roulette live dealers are also available on Bet365 and also in WilliamHill.

How to join Bet365

Joining bet365 is an easy procedure. Just visit the bet365 website and sign up. After signing up you are able to log into your account and place your bet. There are also welcome bonuses for newcomers. Ensure you claim it.

Profitable rules to play Roulette on Bet365

Ensure you play the European Roulette

There are a number of Roulette versions on many betting sites. Bet365 has only the American roulette and the European Roulette. A European roulette is designed with just one green zero save while an American one has a double green zero space. A European roulette is a better option because it provides you with a lower house edge compared to an American one. The house edge for an American Roulette is 2.7 percent while that of an American Roulette is 5.4 percent. You think the difference is small, but after a number of spins, it becomes quite significant. Bet365 offers an excellent premium for a European Roulette.

Select the most suitable table limits as well as bets

Just like in any other poker game, you need to understand your balance. You also must be able to know the implications that your balance has on your bets. It is also important to understand the size of all the stakes you will be placing. On Bet365, you can bet a minimum of about 25p per bet. Always play at a Roulette you can comfortably afford. Before you get used to the game, you might start with a minimum wage.

Back the right type of bet

In order to maximize your profits, you need to ensure you back the right types of bet. As much as it is somehow easy to identity bets with the right odds, you need to be keener. Odds which are said to more profitable are those with 50/50 chance. The returns for this bet are low but they help you keep your balance and top it up.

Vary your odds

Bet365 allows one to vary his/her odds as many times as you wish. Varying your odds makes the game even more enticing. However it is good to gauge you gambling in a way that the bet you place works in your favor in most cases. This way you can enjoy playing Roulette more and for a longer period of time.


Free Roulette

Playing slots with Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes is among the leading bookmarkers in the betting industry. It has above 1500 employees who work hard to ensure that the standards of their customers are met. Although this company has a number of gambling options, this article mainly focuses on how one can successfully play slots with Ladbrokes.

Many betters are looking for casinos that offer large slot jackpots. Ladbrokes is one of the best bookmakers that offer their users with exactly what they need. With Ladbrokes, everyone even newcomers have a chance to walk home with huge sums of money by investing a very small amount of money and following just a few simple procedures. However, if you are still new in the game, you need to be very cautious. Understand the rules first and then play the game. Below are some vital things that one must know so as to play the game well.

You need to know the field

Some people call them hot or cold machines. These terms are used to refer to the brick and mortar slot machines. Most betters believe that when a slot machine plays for long without producing a winner, it is most likely that the machine will work in favor of the player that follows. You need to understand that every slot machine is regulated or controlled by an RNG. RNG is an acronym for Random Number Generator which is a computer program or sometimes a chip that ensures every slot pull is done randomly. To add on that, slot machines for Ladbrokes are regulated by the Gambling Commission making them a reliable site to gamble.

Ensure you chose a machine that has a high payout percentage

There is a difference between online slots and brick and mortars. They both have a big difference when you look at their overheads. Online slots have large payouts than other slots. Ladbrokes offers both types of slots and therefore you will need to pick a slot that has a high payout percentage. Although Ladbrokes doesn’t give details of about the payout average of every slot machine, one can easily find the information from forums. Ensure you are updated with what people are saying in the forums. You can always try Cat Queen slots and register with Paddy Power.

You also need to ask around

A jackpot at Ladbrokes attracts attention to many people. The winner is always so eager to relish the outcome. Same applies to slot players. There are a number of forums on which betters gamers exchange their views about slots. You need to ask questions about your slots from experienced gamers. The Internet is also a better option. You can Google any question about playing slots on Ladbrokes. This way you will be able to calculate your risks and decide on a favorable bet.

Always remain patient

Nothing comes on a silver plate. You might lose a number of times but always remember there is always time for everything. In gambling patience is always the best strategy to win. If you are having short term wins, this will help you to bankroll long-term jackpot wins.

Playing at Unibet Casino

Unibet.com is an online casino company that is most popular in many Northern European countries including Scandinavia. Initially, Unibet was founded as a sports book in Sweden. It then grew and developed by offering sports games, casino, poker rooms and bingo rooms. Since its founding in 1997, Unibet has continued to attract more online gamblers around the world because of its reliable and quality services. If you are looking for an old but best company to play online casino, then you need to consider Unibet.com. Its continued increase in number of users is a positive indication of the degree of reliability and trust that Unibet.com has earned from the users. It is quite evident that this company has stood the test of time and is currently among the world’s leading and most successful gambling sites.

Playing online casino at Unibet is very convenient because of the fast services it offers. However it is important to note that this casino cannot be downloaded. Unlike other online casinos, you do not have to install a Unibet software in your computer or mobile phone. This is a big advantage over the other online casinos because it allows users to play on any browser or computer at any hour. Unibet does not rely on one software. Instead, Unibet.com works with a number of reputable and reliable companies where players can easily access the online casino. For instance, players can use the Micro gaming software, Net Entertainment, Quick Spin, WMS among others.

The casino games at Unibet.com are divided into three types. They include Casino Red, Casino Black and Live Casino. This division reduces traffic rather than congesting players in one section. Sometimes it is so confusing to switch from the Red Casino to the Black casino or vice versa. Plying live casino using your balance from Casino Red or Casino Black is difficult. You are required to cash the balance in and receive chips which you can use to play. There is also a free play mode where uses can freely enjoy Unibet casino services while they are not logged in.

Unibet’s Live Casino offers Baccarat, Blackjack as well as Roulette. This games are played against live dealers. There is a chat functionality that allows players to speak to the dealers as well as other players. The Net Entertainment software offers players with over 100 games from which they can choose.

Unibet.com online casino offers a wide range of jackpot games from which players can choose. For instance, there are Mega Fortune slots and Dark Knight Slots which are worth millions. There are also casual games exemplified by Platinum scratch or Golden Derby whose jackpots are worth tens of thousands.

Unibet’s new members receive a 100 percent bonus on their first deposit. Unibet also offers regular casino tournaments where players get the chance to compete against each other and win lots of huge prizes. Unibet.com are also quick to respond to issues raised by players.